Mailing Address

Oakwoods Homeowners Association of Bloomington, Inc.
P.O. Box 344
Bloomington, IL 61702-0344

Mortgage Closing Statement

If you are looking for a Mortgage Closing Statement click here. Requests by phone or email will not be accepted.

The Board

If you have an association-related question, issue, or complaint please contact any of the seven board members listed here. Please remember we are volunteers who will do our best to respond in a timely manner; immediate availability is not always possible.

General questions may be directed to all board members by email at Messages may be forwarded to outside parties as necessary. Complex issues will be addressed at board meetings.

Officer Position Street
Paul Baker President 7 Scenic Point
John Stear Vice President 2616 Persimmon Place
Lydia Sheehan Treasurer 7 Spiria
» vacant « Secretary
Sandy Dorrell Board Member 2205 Woodhavens Dr
Jeff Stromberger Board Member 2018 Woodhavens Dr
Tina Eades Board Member 15 Ivey Ct

Street Improvement Committee

The Street Improvement Committee members are also volunteers from the association. Unlike the board members, they serve a four-year term (in pairs) to provide continuity between terms. These individuals have the unique challenge of evaluating street conditions and providing guidance to board.

The committee members may be reached at Any email sent to this address will go to ALL members of the committee. Messages may be forwarded to outside parties as necessary.

Officer Position Street
Mike Hoff Chair 2214 Woodhavens Drive
Kevin Holmes SIP Member 9 Palm Court
Don Schiller SIP Member 12 Palm Court
Paul Baker SIP Member 7 Scenic Point

Homeowners Email Tree

Messages sent to are reviewed for content and purpose. The message is then sent to homeowners interested in notifications from the Oakwoods Email Tree. Requests to be added to the distribution list may be made using this link.

Block Captains

If you are unable to reach your block captain, or would like to volunteer for one of the open positions, please contact Lydia Sheehan by email. Block captains assist with hand delivery of materials (for example the Oakwords newsletter) which would have otherwise been mailed.

Block Captain Phone Email
Autumn Erin Bradshaw217-841-6430email
Cedar -open-
Clearbrook -open-
Edgewood (1 to 27) Tom Jones309-275-3677email
Edgewood (32 to 47) Stephanie Klingeleemail
Ivey (2 to 8; 20 to 23) Tina Eades309-828-9761email
Ivey (9 to 19) Tina Eades309-828-9761email
Juniper -open-
Lakeview Jane Swaneyemail
Palm Kevin Holmes309-827-0675email
Persimmon (2601 to 2617) Connie Lucki309-828-2667email
Persimmon (2618 to 2710) Connie Lucki309-828-2667email
Scenic Janet Rubin309-820-9887email
Shagbark Steve & LInda Waldronemail
Spiria Lydia Sheehan309-829-7319email
Timberview (1 to 17) -open-
Timberview (2103 to 2206) Kathy Britnellemail
Timberview (2301 to 2310) Darla Stroyanemail
Timberview (2402 to 2410) Kelly Hardyemail
Timberview (2502 to 2520) Darla Stroyanemail
Woodhavens (2001 to 2024) Denise Carlsonemail
Woodhavens (2101 to 2110) -open-
Woodhavens (2202 to 2218) Sandy Dorrellemail
Woodhavens (2302 to 2323) Devin Doranemail
Yew -open-

Storage Lot

Review the Storage Lot page for important information regarding its usage requirements. A member of the board will respond to any inquires until a new volunteer is found to assist with tracking inventory. When requesting assistance please remember this is a volunteer position.

Officer Position Street
(position open) Boat Lot Representative


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