Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Please find the answers to the questions most often asked by OHA homeowners. We hope these are helpful to you and your family!

When is the city garbage and recycle pick-up day?

Every Thursday is garbage pick-up and every other Thursday (1st and 3rd Thursday of the month) is recycle day. Contact the City of Bloomington for the blue recycle bins.

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How do I become involved in the Oakwoods Homeowners Association of Bloomington, Inc. (OHA)?

Every lot owner is a member through their purchase of the property, may hold office and vote at the annual election (September). A quarterly Newsletter, email tree, and periodic targeted mailings help keep everyone informed, while meeting minutes and contact information are available on this site. Meetings are held monthly.

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When and where are the Association Board meetings held?

Meetings are scheduled two or three months in advance and are published on the website under the Calendar of Events. In the warmer months they are held at the park pavilion and in the winter months they are held at a Board Members home. Upcoming meetings will be posted on the home page of the website and a reminder is also posted at the entrances of the subdivision the morning of the meeting. Everyone is welcome!

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How much are the Oakwoods Homeowners Dues and what is the due date?

The dues are set annually by the Board and are currently $270 annually, billed to lot owners in June, and they are due in mid-July, 45 days after the invoice date.

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What happens if I do not pay the dues?

Besides the negative impact on cash flow and your fellow neighbors, you may also feel the negative effects. There is a $5 monthly late fee plus 9% interest added to the bill. Also, a lien placed on your property if your lot account is 30 days or more past-due.

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Can my children play in the wooded areas (outlots)?

Families may enjoy the wooded areas. The Association maintains a large park, but if children are playing in the wooded areas it is highly recommended they be supervised at all times. There can be no removal of brush, wood or trees. For safety reasons and to respect the natural areas, No building of forts or construction of any kind is allowed without Board permission.

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Where is the park and what is available there?

The Association maintains a large park that can be accessed from the North by sidewalk off Juniper (just west of Woodhavens/Juniper stop sign), or from the South using the asphalt path at the north end of Palm Court. There is a mulched playground at the north end, a covered shelter in the center, a Basketball Court at the south end, and plenty of space for imaginations to roam and for play. Park is open from Dawn 'til Dusk.

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Who do I contact for questions or concerns?

Any Board Member. All names and numbers are listed on the Oakwoods Homeowners contact page.

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Who do I contact if a street light is out?

Please report broken or burned out street lights to the City of Bloomington Engineering Department. The number for that department is 309-434-2644.

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Where may I park or store my boat and trailer, etc...?

Our Covenants prohibit storing and parking these vehicles on the roads or lots (except in a garage). As a courtesy to our homeowners, the Association provides a free (newly renovated) storage lot for convenience located off north Edgewood St. (See the Covenants for details). You must register your item with the OHA Board and be assigned a slot. All stickers must be current, and your homeowner's dues must also be current in order to store your item(s). While this lot is available for use, the owner is still responsible for determining whether paid off-site storage would be a more desirable alternative.

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Where may I find city contact information, etc...?

The following links contain useful city contact information:

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Where may I find information about snow removal, etc...?

Please make an effort to ensure vehicles are not parked in the street. Not only does this help permit the snow to be removed from the street, but if you follow this recommendation your vehicle will not encounter problems of being barricaded by mounds of compacted snow. Please remember to be cautious when the snow plows are present in the neighborhood.

The following link contains snow removal information:

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Where are the sidewalks and walking trails?

There is no walking trail, per say. The original developer (Snyder) designed the subdivision without sidewalk/curb/gutters, but laid asphalt walking paths bordering the lots instead. Because they run between homes and along the lot yards, we are particularly conscious of being respectful when using them. When walking or jogging on the streets, distances are approximately:

  • 1/2 mile from either entrance to the "T" intersection at Woodhavens/Persimmon Pl.
  • 1 mile center loop covering Woodhavens - Timberview Dr.- Persimmon Pl.
  • 2.8 miles if covering every street
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What is the Welcoming Committee?

We have a Welcoming Committee that provides new residents with an information packet about the neighborhood to make sure the homeowner knows they are a member of the Association. The committee also provides copies of the Declaration of Covenants and the Bylaws. We function on a volunteer basis, so the new neighbors should be visited shortly after their move.