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Recent Criminal Activity

There have been many reports of vehicle break-ins in the neighborhood. It is advised by the board that any criminal activity should be reported immediately to the police. If you have a garage that you can store your vehicle in, especially over night, you may want to consider doing so. There have also been reports of drug and alcohol abuse in the park. This is unacceptable behavior on OHA property and anyone witnessing anything like this is encouraged to call the police. It is not apparent if these activities are related, but regardless residents should be extra vigilant.

September 2017 Board Election

The yearly election of OHA Board members has concluded. The election had 8 total voters and the candidates ran unopposed.

Position Candidate Votes
President Troy Orr 8
Vice-President Mike Hoff 8
Secretary Mike Getz 8
Treasurer Jeffrey Mroz 8
Member Sandy Dorrell 8
Member Janet Seng 8
Member Jeff Stromberger 8

Electronics Recycling

Recently a number of televisions and other electronics have been set at the street side for pickup by the city. Although, according to state law these electronics must be recycled. The City of Bloomington will not collect these electronics. If you would like to discard these electronics you can do so at facilities in Normal. The Town of Normal has a couple of locations for disposal.