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Voluntary Parking Ban

In the past number of years there have been several complaints about side streets not being plowed; and in some cases sections of the primary streets as well...

With cars, trucks, and vans parked along the streets it can be difficult for the road crews to do their work. For some streets these obstructions have created situations where the plow in unable to turn around.

If you are able, please remove your vehicles from the street prior to any snow fall. After the plows have made it down your street it should be okay to park there once again. Not only will this allow the street to be plowed but your vehicle will not get plowed in either.

Winter Snow Removal

There is a lot of information on the City's web site pertaining to the snow removal policy and level of service. By ordinance, the CIty plows the major routes and arterial roads first and then secondary roads before entering residential areas. City crews oftentimes work 24-hour shifts to clear over 800 lane miles within City limits.

Within our association there may not be any street sidewalks within the association limits; however homeowners still have other responsibilities:

  • If able please park your vehicles off the street. The city plows can do an effective job when obstacles are moved out of the way. This also helps protect your property from any sliding vehicles.
  • Delivery of mail is more expedient when the US postal worker is able to drive up to your mailbox. Please clear the area near you mailbox.
  • If your property has a fire hydrant the area around the hydrant must be kept clear to enable finding the hydrant in case of emergency.

For additional policy information please consult the city Snow & Ice Removal page.