Board Minutes, November 13, 2003

Board members & homeowners present: Cory Schummer, Dan Jones, Tom Powers, Tammy Neuhouser, Ralph Dinges, April Jackson, Linda Kambe, Craig Punzirudu, Greg Vertrees.

Opening: Cory welcomed everyone to the meeting. All present were handed a: meeting agenda, a tentative 2003-2004 OHA calendar schedule, and a tentative 2003-2004 OHA agenda.

OHA web news:

Advertising: If a resident of Oakwoods would like to advertise their product/business on the website, they will be allowed to post a link to their product page. No further form of advertising will be granted.

Babysitters Club and Lawn care: These two areas will remain in the Oakwoods newsletter, but will be wiped clean from the website. This decision was made to protect the safety of minors listed. OHA will create a Babysitters Club and Lawn Care listing for the website if a parent calls Craig Punzirudu and requests their child's participation. The Babysitters Club and Lawn care listing will only list the parents name (not the childs) and phone number. The impending customer would need to go through the parent to hire the child as a sitter or lawn mower.

Request for a "ticker": Cory asked Greg if a "ticker" could be put on the website, so we can see how much the site is being used. Greg said, "yes".

Promoting our new site: will be done through the email tree and with a 2004 OHA Kick-off postcard to be mailed in January.

Tentative 2004 OHA agenda: will be put on the website. The hope is residents will get a peek at what OHA has planned in the coming year, and choose to get involved.

Street News: No report on Palm Court, Acorn Drive or Shagbark.

New meeting night: Monday or Tuesday nights, the 3rd week of the month. The week night will be clarified in a future email.

New treasurer: Dan Jones. Dan was a treasurer for a nonprofit organization for 3 years in a row. He has the experience and is well-qualified. Thanks, Dan!

New Board Members: A new board member will be needed to take Dan's place. Tom Powers may be interested.

Finance Committee: Will be headed up by the treasurer. The committee will meet to work on a 2004 budget and all the questions related to road management/funding. Dan will contact Jim Karch.

Garage Sale: April requested we move the spring garage sale date up to hopefully generate more business/interest. The Oakwoods garage sales have been dwindling. The board agreed to tentatively make the spring garage sale on April 24, 2004.

Taking a vote: Question: Do we vote on every issue brought up or just issues relating to money. It was decided- Yes. Everyone needs to be heard and voice their opinion. Take vote on all issues raised.

Property taxes: Taxes are climbing again. Ask the city, "The city does not maintain our roads. What do we get for our property tax money? Can we get a kick back for our roads?" Linda suggested having Mike Matejka coming to a "town hall" type meeting for Oakwoods.