Board Minutes, February 18, 2004

Homeowners in Attendance: Bill Leary, Cory Schummer, Dan Jones, Craig Punzirudu, April Jackson, Shannon Wahls, Linda Kambe, Julie Schummer, Kimberly Punzirudu, Karen (?) from the Pantagraph

1. January Meeting Minutes

Last months meeting minutes approved

2. Budget Discussion

Discussed pros/cons for dues amount.
$150 vote
Yes -- Dan Jones
No -- Craig Punzirudu, April Jackson, Bill Leary, Shannon Wahls, Linda Kambe, Cory Schummer

$130 vote
Yes -- Craig Punzirudu, April Jackson, Bill Leary, Shannon Wahls, Linda Kambe
No -- Cory Schummer, Dan Jones

3. Investing Reserves

Board set motion (APPROVED) to give Dan Jones power to invest reserves.

4. Street Committee

Linda Kambe will set up street committee when weather warms up.

5. Postcard Mailing

Add email tree( if wanted to get on) to postcard mailing
Add “Dues rate amended to $130 dollars from $150 after additional financial information obtained and voted on”.
Will be mailed in early March

6. Welcome Committee

Shannon has 4 people on the Welcome Committee

7. Lien Updates

Working with some owners on settling charges.
3 outstanding charges paid, 1 in progress

8. Road Committee

Debbie Gaines will head it up and set date
April Jackson will be acting board member on committee

9. How to handle Resident Proposals

These types of issues will be discussed at the monthly meetings.

10. Future Meeting

Next month's meeting is tentatively set for March 31st (subject to change)