March Oakwoods’ Homeowner’s Association Meeting


Homeowners in Attendance: Cory Schummer, Dan Jones, Craig Punzirudu, April Jackson, Shannon Wahls, Michael George (resident)

1. Liability of personal property on out lot

2612 Persimmon’s shed is completely on our out lot.

Michael would like to fence it in. Liability is ours if someone gets hurt on our “part” of his fenced in portion.

Will check with Grosso to determine our liability.

We will review and get back to him

2. Last months meeting minutes

Minutes (APPROVED)

3. Partial Payments

Discussed partial payments – No partial payments accepted.

4. By-Laws

Discussed By-Law changes.

5. Welcome Committee

Shannon put together a “Welcome Pack” for new residents as part of the welcome committee

6. Road Maint.

Cory will head up the Road Maint. Committee.

Will talk to Jim Karch about pothole repair & city’s responsibility around manholes.

7. Out lot

Acorn drive out lot - Bill Leary will head up tree replanting on lot with Jim Karch.