April Oakwoods’ Homeowner’s Association Meeting


Homeowners in Attendance: Cory Schummer, Dan Jones, Craig Punzirudu, April Jackson, Shannon Wahls, Linda Kambe

1. Last months meeting minutes

Minutes (APPROVED)

2. Mulch

Shannon will get estimate for mulch replacement for playground

3. Potholes

Cold Mix and Pothole fill will be done Tuesday April 26th by Cory Schummer and Tony Wahls.

4. By-Laws

Discussion about changing By-Law amendments on board changes.

Board will consist of no less than 5 to a max. of 7 persons. Equaling 1 auxiliary member or 3 auxiliary members. Always equaling an odd number

5. Investments

Investment discussion on future investments.

6. By-Law Fines

Discussed proposal about setting fines for By-Law violations and sending out a letter to violators.

Craig will put together a proposal for next month.