July Oakwoods’ Homeowner’s Association Meeting

Attended by: Cory Schummer, Bill Leary, Dan Jones, Linda Kambe

Old Business

1. Members in attendance approved the June minutes with no corrections.

2. We discussed the idea of investing the $1000 not spent on Shagbark street repairs ($5000 was budgeted, but the cost was about $4000). Reasons to not take that course of action are:

a. Full cost of the park mulch was not budgeted, so the $1000 will help with that expense
b. Best to wait until end of year to see what liquid funds are remaining and invest them accordingly

3. Brief discussion on Cory’s proposal to replace the accounting firm with a paid OHA Treasurer. Dan provided some feedback on the benefits of having the continuity and guaranteed level of service of an accounting firm as opposed to an ‘in house’ treasurer, with the continued risk of that position being vacated due to people moving, losing interest, etc.
More discussion on this topic will occur at the August 18 meeting.

New Business

1. Cory introduced Craig’s suggested by law change regarding enforcement of Covenants. This will also be discussed at the August meeting.

Board Reports: