August Oakwoods’ Homeowner’s Association Meeting

Attended by: Bill Leary, Shannon Wahls, Cory Schummer, April Jackson, Dan Jones, Tony Wahls

Agenda Items Addressed:

  1. Members approved July’s meeting minutes.

  2. The idea of bi-monthly meetings was discussed. A new proposal will be put together to allow for monthly or bi-monthly meetings depending on the business needs of the association

  3. Craig Punzirudu proposed a change with Article XII - General Provisions. This discussion will take place at next month’s meeting.

  4. Tony Wahls reviewed OHA insurance coverages and submitted a proposal to switch carriers. The proposal will increase insurance expenses by approximately $120 per year. However, the board feels the cost is justified because it will cover legal expenses incurred if the OHA is sued: a coverage the board did not have previously. The following board members voted yes: Dan Jones, April Jackson, Bill Leary, Shannon Wahls. The following voted no: Cory Schummer.

  5. Homeowner’s Dues: 50 homes owe dues. A balance of $7,714.21 is owed to the OHA. A 30 day notice will be given to these homes who have not paid. After 30 days, if the balance has not been paid, a lien will be placed on these homes.

  6. Please note: The Annual Homeowners’s Meeting will be held at the park on Wednesday, Sept. 15th at 5:30.

  7. Bill Leary has a meeting set up with Williamson Farm Drainage later this week to discuss the boat lot grading. Other businesses will be contact for further bids as well.

  8. The Garage Sale will be on Saturday, September 18th. An ad will be placed in the Pantagraph.