September 2004 Oakwood’s Homeowner’s Association Meeting

Homeowners Board in Attendance: Cory Schummer, Dan Jones, Craig Punzirudu, April Jackson, Shannon Wahls, Linda Kambe, Bill Leary

Additional Homeowners in Attendance: Tamara Deterts, Julie Schummer, Jim Gallagher, Tom & Brooke Jones, Rod Repp, Tara Nafziger, Eric & Darla Stroyan, Chad McCue

Agenda Items Addressed:
1. Discussed 2003-2004 budget and also upcoming 2005 budget

2. Linda spoke about board activities which include the following

• Mulch replacement
• Homeowners concerns
• Road maintenance
• Website updating
• Putting together committees (Road, Welcome, Long Term Planning)
3. Discussed 2004-05 Agenda

• Paint/repair the Park Pavilion, and remove dead trees from the park and prune others if needed.
• Establish a committee to review the possibility of selling OHA owned out lots to residents.
• Road Maintenance Committee will finalize their work and make a recommendation to the OHA Board and possibly the subdivision as a whole.
• Long Range Planning Committee will make their recommendations to the OHA Board (IE: When we can complete some improvement projects as allowed by our budget; such as the repairing, or replacement of playground equipment)
• Continue aggressive investment strategy for upcoming road repairs and other future expenses.
• Monthly review of budget figures to insure we are staying within the budget.
• Identify subdivision activities that can build community and awareness of OHA (IE: Volleyball Tournament, Door Prizes for residents attending OHA meetings, etc.)
• Further develop the OHA Website (IE: Discussion Forums, etc.)
• Complete a thorough discussion on the “Acorn Drive” area and decide how best to use the land
• Cut back trees that are obstructing speed limit signs etc…