November 2004 - Oakwood’s Homeowner’s Association Meeting

      1. October minutes were not available to approve.

2. New Secretary, Jim Gallagher, was approved unanimously.

3. Motion to proceed having Sloan Excavating re-grade the boat lot to improve water flow during heavy rains was approved. This approval was based on an estimated maximum bid of $850 for Sloan to do the work. Five other companies were contacted and were either unavailable or did not return our calls. Bill Leary will follow up with Sloan.

4. 2004/05 Budget was approved unanimously. Homeowners dues will remain $130.00 per home per year.

5. There will be no December meeting. Next meeting will be on January 19th at Panera Bread Restaurant.

6. The Long Range Planning Committee reported that it is getting started.

7. The Juniper residence property issue has been resolved.

8. A Lakeview resident was available to discuss his dues situation and the issue was resolved.

9. This was Bill Leary and April Jackson's final meeting with the OHA Board of Directors. The 2004-2005 Board wishes each of them the absolute best in the upcoming year.