August 2005 Oakwood's Homeowner’s Association Meeting

Board Attendees:  Cory Schummer, Linda Kambe, Jim Wojda, Franco Quatrini, Shannon Wahls, Chuck Stuckey, and Julie Schummer

Old Business:
  • July's Meeting Minutes were not available to be approved.
  • Road Maintenance Committee's Taxable District recommendation was discussed and will be voted on during the Annual Meeting in September.

New Business:

  • Finance Committee was introduced.  Members include Jim Wojda, Franco Quatrini, and Cory & Julie Schummer.  Committee introduced 2006 OHA Budget Recommendation setting dues at $120.00.  2004 and 2005 fiscal years were reviewed and investment options were discussed.  These investment options put together by Smith Barney will be discussed and voted upon in the upcoming months.  Complete budget will be reviewed further and voted on during the Annual Meeting.
  • Mr. Brooks contacted Cory Schummer about the possibility of putting in a volleyball court.  He was asked to put together a proposal for the August meeting and did not attend.  No discussion took place.

Board Reports:

  • Cory discussed changing the Annual Meeting to September 22nd.
  • A resident recommended a group of volunteers get together and rake the playground area.  It's believed this save the association money as it will "recycle" the mulch and increase it's lifespan.
  • A brief discussion took place regarding the OHA Covenants and the recommendations that were passed by the board in July.  The main issue discussed was regarding rental properties in the subdivision.
  • Annual Meeting's election was briefly discussed.

    Submitted by Julie Schummer (taking minutes for OHA Secretary who was unable to attend)