September 2005 Oakwood's Homeowner’s Association Meeting

Attendees: Franco Quatrini, Cory Schummer, Linda Kambe, Jim Wodja, Jim Gallagher and about 40-50 association members

1. OHA Board member elections were held. Newly elected Board members are:
Tamara Deterts, President
Shannon Wahls, Vice-President
Franco Quatrini, Treasurer
Brooke Jones, Secretary
Rick Austin, Board Member
Mary Heern, Board Member
Chuck Stuckey, Board Member

2.  The current Board approves Road Maintenance Committee's proposal for the creation of a Taxable District  (4 yes, 1 abstention).

3.  President Cory Schummer and Vice-President Linda Kambe announced that they would be resigning from the Board following this meeting. 

4.  The 2006 Budget was approved by the Board (4 yes, 1 abstention).  This included the reduction of OHA annual dues from $130 to $120.