October 2005 Oakwood's Homeowner’s Association Meeting

Attendees: Board Attendees: Tamara Deterts, Shannon Wahls, Franco Quatrini, Brooke Jones, Rick Austin, Chuck Stuckey

      Board Reports:
  • September minutes were approved.
  • Reviewed postcard that will be mailed out to residents with September election results.
  • Decided that board would make decisions at board meetings, instead of over e-mail.  Would use e-mail for discussion.

New Business:

  • November meeting scheduled for November 16 to discuss possible by-law revisions.
  • Discussed a possible quarterly postcard mailing.
  • Decided that one of the goals of the board is to distribute information and keep residents informed, either by e-mail or mail.
  • Discussed homeowners tree at Timberview Drive.

    Submitted by Brooke Jones