Oakwoods Homeowners Association

Surface Water Committee
August 18th, 2009

Notes from meeting with Neil Finlen

These notes provide a running record of our collective efforts to get a better understanding of the surface water issues in the subdivision. On August 19th (Wed) Neil Finlen and Tom Stoltz from the Farmsworth Group met with six Oakwood residents at Paul and Sharon Baker’s home (7 Scenic Point) at 6:30. The residents in attendance were:

The first 30 to 40 minutes were spent getting an overview of situation. Baker explained why the OSW Committee had decided to consult with a Farnsworth engineer to help interpret the original plat maps prepared by Farnsworth. Neil offered a quick overview of the Oakwoods Subdivision project as Farnsworth engineers confronted the challenges they faced. Various residents then described water problems confronting residents in several Oakwoods neighborhoods.

The Oakwoods residents and the two Farnsworth engineers then traveled to these "areas with water problems" and visited with a few local residents who offered additional information about local water issues. After making several on-site visits, the group returned to Baker’s home for a concluding conversation.

Neil Finlen is interested in working with the Oakwood Homeowners Association to study various water problems and propose appropriate solutions. He will return to the Oakwoods subdivision to gain additional information. Neil will then write a "scope letter" that outlines the key issues that must be addressed.

The scope letter will be finished by mid-September.

When Paul Baker receives the scope letter, he will immediately inform members of the OHA Board and the two committees. Consultations will begin. Hopefully, the rest of September will allow sufficient time to formulate tentative plans before the October OHA Board meeting.