Rental Property Restriction (RELATED)

Homes within Oakwoods may not be sold or purchased for use as rental investment properties. Likewise it is not permitted to convert a home to a permanent rental property. Please consult Article 5 - Use Restrictions of the OHA Covenants for further details.

Mortgage Closing Letter

A closing letter from the Association is required for all mortgage-related transactions. To request a letter please fill out the information below. All requests must be submitted through the provided form as no requests will be accepted via phone or e-mail.

After your request is received you will be contacted via email when the document is available for pickup. No documents will be mailed or e-mailed. The document will also not be released without the new owner's name and payment of fee.

Document fees are as follows and are due upon receipt of the letter:

  • None when more than seven days from the date of request - (free)
  • If needed less than seven days from the date of request - $30.00

Make checks payable to OHA.

Document Request